Growing up in Richmond, Virginia, I spent countless hours creating clothing combinations, always coming up with unexpected options to make it appear that I had an endless wardrobe and to best reflect my eclectic style. My Colombia-born mother instilled the importance of unique, elegant dressing, and my father, from Virginia, influenced me with his classic style.

At 16, I started my retail career selling jewelry at a chic women’s clothing store and then moved to Benetton, a trendy Italian clothing store, where I perfected my 16-inch garment fold and lightning-fast colorizing skills which I still put to use today. When I headed to Radford University, I knew pursuing a degree in fashion design was a perfect fit as I fell in love with creating garments and making them come to life. 

After graduating from college, I continued my career in retail sales as store manager in retail chains and various local boutiques.

With a long history of dressing people and facilitating shopping for those that don’t always enjoy it, or know what to wear for their body types,  I started  “ReViving” wardrobes in 2011. The goal is to create a versatile and functional wardrobe by determining the perfect choices for every figure, complexion, personality, and style. I can help you try new combinations with items you already own and create sustainability. Building ongoing relationships results in a wardrobe and a style that evolves with each individual budget, career, and lifestyle.

By nature, I am a creature of comfort. I believe your style should reflect who you are. Although I appreciate high fashion, I am more of a smaller designer (all time favorite for years, Trina Turk, Veronica Beard, Alice and Olivia Theory, and Free People, just to name a few) girl. I gravitate to interesting unique pieces that speak to me and appreciate not paying full price. I enjoy consignment shopping as well, giving old pieces new life.

I also believe in purging and organizing closets regularly so you know exactly what you have and have a workable space. Less is more. My goal is to create your own personal boutique in each closet. I also believe in mixing your wardrobe and trying new combinations. Sometimes it’s just a fresh perspective to give you a jump start to see how to best build a working and functional wardrobe.

Often people struggle with what to wear and how to create a perfect style for themselves. I love making it all come together.

My motto is “The better you feel, the more confident you become.” It is an amazing feeling to know that I am helping people feel better about their self-image through the clothes they wear in everyday life.

  • Can’t live without- coffee with cream and bubbly water
  • Favorite foods- homemade pizza, crunchy lettuce, and avocados 
  • Classy not matchy, boho-chic, fringe, studs and interesting details
  • Favorite family vacation- Italy to visit my sister and any beach
  • Breast Cancer survivor and workout warrior 
  • Boy mom of two college “Hokies”!
  • Golden-doodle dog lover