Wardrobe Stylist


Look good…Feel good

Dressing to feel YOUR personal best!

Why ReVive?

ReVive is a personalized styling service that builds a versatile wardrobe and creates a functional closet. I love to help unlock your personal formula to simplify dressings to help you look your personal best for every occasion.

ReVive will help you organize your closet to create your own personal boutique. Through the process, create a curated shopping list to make conscious decisions on how to best fill in what you might be missing.

ReVive keeps you updated on trends makes sure you have all of the great basics which tie your wardrobe together.  

ReVive offers 35 plus years of fashion and personal shopping expertise to make our clients feel empowered every day.  

ReVive will save you money. I am a savvy shopper who has a unique eye to select the right item for each client’s budget, at exclusive boutiques, and also discount stores and consignment shops. I can immediately identify what items you are missing to best fill in your wardrobe. I can educate you on what silhouettes best compliment your body type. Lastly, I will help you eliminate unnecessary shopping mistakes.